Step Aside, Rob Ford (and Brendan, too)!! Starting Friday I will F@CK...

... anything that moves for 5 straight days during my continuous broadcasting of the most amazing Jism Spurts you are ever going to smell!!!!

When: Friday, Nov.22, 8pm EST


or call in to the Conference Call environment 602-666-6027 (room for hundreds of callers)

Broadcast Length: Until Wed., Nov.27 (at least 122 hours - I will break Art Bell's record of 116 hours)

Purpose: To create a crash-program archive (a kind of Cliffs Notes) on how I founded a new CIVILIZATION (and with what materials) for those who presently have very little spare time or energy

*** Performance sponsored by RnA Drops, ReMag, ReLyte, ReAline, ReNew, and ReBob... with mass quantities of Lappert's Hawaiian Ice Cream on the side.

Bob Dobbs

NEW KNOWLEDGE: First Update in 18 years!!

My Tiny Note Chart: Pre-/Re-/Post-cycled:

1. Holeopathic Radio/Satellite Quadrant
2. Holeopathic Television/Satellite Quadrant
3. Holeopathic Computer/Satellite Quadrant
4. Holeopathic Satellite Squared Quadrant
5. Anthropomorphic Physical Quadrant


1. Lyndon LaRouche Sept.8, 1922
2. Marshall McLuhan July 21, 1911
3. William Irwin Thompson July, 1938
4. Arthur Kroker 1945
5. Bob Dobbs Feb.2, 1922


1. Rush Limbaugh Jan.12, 1951
2. Howard Stern Jan.12, 1954
3. Oprah Winfrey Jan.29, 1954
4. Max Headroom Feb.2, 1953
5. Bob Neveritt/Bob Marshall/Sir Richard Branson July 1, 1947/Oct.6, 1949/July 18, 1950


1. Ann Coulter Dec.8, 1961
2. Doug Rushkoff Feb.18, 1961
3. Ayaan Hirsi Ali Nov.13, 1969
4. DJ Spooky 1970
5. Bob Guccioni, Jr./Dave Newfeld/Charles Barkley Sept.19, 1955/Oct.16, 1961/Feb.20, 1963


1.Keith Mussenden ("Kigye") March 26/83
2. Nikki Glaser 1986
3. Helen Oyeyemi Dec.10, 1984
4. Joanna Angel Dec.25, 1980
5. Nikki Minaj/Lady Gaga/Justin Bieber Dec.8, 1982/March 28, 1986/March 1, 1994

Bob Dobbs

BULLETIN: - No Longer a Government-in-Exile!!!!

Ya see this?

That's my lesser-known chart called "Bob Dobbs' Formula

Chart" (created in late 1995).

It's the "Ground" Chart (1750-2020) from which the "Figure" Chart (the

Tiny Note, 1960-1990, levels 11 ["Holeopathic Cliché-Probes"] and 12
["Anthropomorphic Physical"]) is extracted.

What do you see in the 13th level, 4th column from the left, of the

Formula Chart?

"Me (2012)", right?

"Landscape" is an analog medium in an electronic environment.

"Body" is the shrinking of the "landscape phase" in a digital

"ama" of "O'B(ama)" means [A]ndroid [M]eme [A]nthropomorphized.


1. Chemical Body goes solipsistic in the Global Theater of the 1960s.

2. Astral Landscape goes solipsistic in the First Phase of the Android
Meme of the 1970s.

3. TV Landscape goes solipsistic in the Second Phase of the Android
Meme of the 1980s.

4. Chip Landscape goes solipsistic in the Third Phase of the Android
Meme of the early 1990s (before Netscape popularized the HTT Protocols
in 1994-95).

5. TV Body goes solipsistic in the Web 1.0 period of the after-image
of the Android Meme of the late 1990s.

6. Chip Body goes solipsistic in the Web 2.0 period of the after-image
of the Android Meme of the Naughty Naughts (2000s).

7. Android Meme (the interplay/convergence of the Chemical, Astral,
TV, and Chip Bodies) goes solipsistic (God-like editing powers) in the
Web 3.0 period of the B. O'B(ama) Era.

8. Then... THEN!... the Mystery Landscape goes OBJECTIVE in the middle
of the B. O'B(ama) Era and presents its Mystery Body as iON: March
18/09 - Nov.22/12!!! Hear streaming archive at 

Starting today, the beginning of the 50th Anniversary of the JFK assassination: Nov.22/12, (Project Next Nov.22/12 Bob Dobbs) every public, electrified utterance by iON (iON on Information farmwill be streaming from now until forever 24/7 at and in a couple of weeks, every public, electrified utterance by Bob Dobbs (Complete Bob Timelinewill be streaming from now until forever 24/7 at  .

You will be able to contact me through emails ( or FaceBook about any connection issues as the press conference unfolds.

Ideally, my agenda is an ongoing demonstration of the "Art of Being 
Ruled" (Wyndham Lewis, 1926) as we move through the HEXADIC PHASE (2009-...).

So, we assume you are thrilled at this announcement and look forward 
to the appropriate levels of engagement.

Bob Dobbs